4 Quick Bathroom Cleaning Tips

by maidinbastrop - October 23, 2017

4 quick bathroom cleaning tipsYour general bathroom cleaning, such as scrubbing the tub and shower, only needs to be done about once a week.  However, other bathroom cleaning task should be done more than once a week.

Bathroom Cleaning Guidelines

The frequency in which you clean your bathroom all depends on how much it is being used.  If you have multiple people sharing a bathroom it will need to be cleaned more frequently than someone who lives alone.

1: Sanitize the Toilet

Toilets are the most germ-ridden areas in your home.  Every time you flush it sends microbes into the air that land on the toilet seat, lid, and other surfaces.  You will want to wipe down the seat and sides with a disinfectant twice a week to keep your toilet sanitary.

2: Wipe Down the Sink and Mirror

Throughout the week your bathroom sink and mirror endure countless hair combing and tooth brushing sessions. Make your weekly cleaning easier by simply wiping the hair off the sink with a piece of toilet paper after you finish styling.  Toss the hair into the trashcan instead of the toilet to avoid clogging the toilet.  After you finish brushing your teeth, use a microfiber cloth to clean up any toothpaste splatter or excess before it dries.

3: Take out the Trash

Empty the bathroom trashcan every few days to avoid covering your floors with floss and Q-tips.  We recommend putting a plastic trash bag or even a grocery bag to line the trashcan.  This way hair and gunk won’t build up in the bottom of the trashcan and keep it from smelling.

4: Change Out the Towels and do a Quick Sweep

Your towels are used daily and sometimes more than once a day, they will get stale and moldy after just a few uses.  Change out the linens every couple of days.

Generally, you don’t need to mop between regularly scheduled bathroom cleanings but a quick sweep twice a week will make a huge difference in how clean your bathroom feels.

Every house is different, so use these bathroom cleaning tips as often as you need to based on your household cleaning needs.  These tips are designed to be quick and simple that will make your weekly housework easier to tackle.