6 Ways to Prepare for Your House Cleaner

by maidinbastrop - October 21, 2018

Prepare Yourself:

Every cleaning company is a little different.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions!  You want to make sure that you are on the same page as your cleaning service, and you don’t want to end up expecting things to be done if they are not offered by our service. Check out What’s Included? for our detailed cleaning checklist, be sure to look over the short list of what’s NOT included at the bottom. Still have questions? Send us a quick email, or give us a call if you didn’t see a specific task on our list or have any special requests.

Pick up:

It would be completely crazy for you to clean your house before your cleaners arrive, but if your house is disorganized or your kitchen counters are stacked with dirty dishes, your cleaners will end up doing less “cleaning” and more picking up. Putting items away before your cleaning professionals arrive allows your cleaners easier access to surface areas that need to be cleaned. This could be as easy as putting dishes in the sink or picking up toys from the floor. Taking 30 minutes before the cleaners arrive to pick up toys, clothes, and dishes will help make sure they have time to get to the tasks you really hate.  (IE: dusting, floors, baseboards, scrubbing toilets.)

Put away animals (don’t let them surprise each other):

Remember to have your pets secured and in a safe place before your cleaning professionals arrive. This not only helps your pet remain calm but also enables your cleaning professionals to do their job more easily and without interruption, providing you with a more efficient service.

Prepare Your Team: 

Have special requests?  Let them know!  You can definitely leave a note for the cleaning team or approach your Team Lead about any special requests. If you have concerns about your maid service or certain areas in your home that require special attention, remember to speak up and let your cleaning professional know. Setting clear expectations helps your cleaner provide a tailored experience and give you peace of mind knowing your specific needs are being met.

Prevent Lock Outs:

It is so important to make sure that the cleaning team is able to access your home.  Will you be home during the clean?  Is there an alternate way for the team to get inside if you have to step out for a few minutes?  If you’re signing up for recurring cleans, it’s definitely helpful to have a key on file for the team to use in case you aren’t home.  Don’t forget to let them know if there is a gate code, alarm code, or any other special instructions.  (IE: Turn the key to the left and lift the handle when you’re opening the front door because it sticks.)

Ask them how their experience is, how can you help them (ultimately this benefits you).

Ask your cleaning professional how you can help them have a better work experience. Your cleaner may be too shy to ask to turn on the A/C during the hot summer. The family pet may be walking over the newly mopped floor while it’s still wet. Open communication is important to ensure a happy long-term relationship.