8 Things You Should Clean This Spring

by maidinbastrop - March 5, 2018




Shake 'em, wash 'em, swat 'em with a broom! Give them the toughest cleaning they can take. They’re your front line against tracked-in dirt—so keep them clean enough to function at peak efficiency. Stop the dirt before it invades your home and double up on the doormats this year.

Outside windows and screens

Early spring is the perfect time to clean off all the crazy weather from winter and fall. Wash windows inside and out. To clean window screens, first vacuum off any loose debris like spiderwebs, dust, and pollen. Then, with regular dish soap and warm water lightly scrub the remaining grime. We recommend using a large sponge or soft cloth and avoiding using any firm bristle brushes.

Pro tip? Wash them on a cloudy day to ensure that the sun won't dry the cleaner before you're done wiping.


Don’t overlook the convenience of this hardworking appliance. Anyone who has ever had one go out knows that keeping up with the regular maintenance is a gift that keeps on giving. First, remove and clean out any bits of food from the bottom screen. Shake baking soda on a damp sponge and wipe around the door seal and edges to remove stuck-on food or stains. Then, run a cycle with a specialty cleaner made to clean your dishwasher. During cold and flu season, some specialty cleaners can be used with your regular dish cycle to kill bacteria. The dishes will be safe and sanitized after the rinse cycle is finished.

Pro Tip? Your dishwasher can take on unusual household items too! Like glass light fixture globes, pet toys, plastic hairbrushes and even toothbrushes!

The Fridge

This means the outside, inside, and behind. Start by tossing out any expired produce. Then pull out all of your fridge's interior shelving and wash them with warm soapy water. Wipe down the surfaces that can't be removed on the inside with a sponge before putting shelves back in their place.

Be sure to clean the refrigerator’s condenser coil. Usually found behind the toe grille along the bottom, vacuum with a hose attachment to remove the dust and lint. Cleaning the coils annually will keep your refrigerator running at peak performance and keep dollars in your pocket. To remove dust from coils attached to the hard-to-reach back side of the fridge, carefully pull the refrigerator out several feet (newer models roll on casters) and vacuum thoroughly; finish by sweeping or vacuuming the floor area you’ve revealed.

Bathroom Tile and Grout

With Bastrop’s hard water plague, tile and grout take a beating throughout the year. Make time once a year to give your tile and grout some extra attention. First, clean the area of any hard water build up. We recommend picking up a product specifically designed for hard water stains and allowing it to soak before scrubbing. For particularly bad build you may want to repeat this process several times. Once satisfied be sure to apply a tile and grout sealer for lasting results. Follow the instructions for the sealer but most can be done in as little as an hour.

Washing Machine

Don't wash your clothes in a smelly machine. Instead, disinfect it with distilled white vinegar and baking soda to keep it fresh and high-functioning. Start a cycle with hot water, let it fill, then add the vinegar and baking soda, and let it sit for 30 to 60 minutes. Afterwards, restart your machine to run a full cycle, let the water drain, and wipe it dry.


It’s a common myth that your mattress doubles in weight every 8-10 years because of dust mites and dead skin. While that may be a stretch of the truth by advertising companies, regular cleaning and maintenance are still recommended.

Strip your all bedding and use your vacuum's crevice tool to clean the surface and sides, then spot-clean stains with an upholstery cleaner. Sanitize with a spritz of disinfectant spray and you're all set.

Over time, mattresses can wear unevenly. Now is the perfect time to extend the life of your mattress by turning it. It is recommended to do so at least four times per year, alternating between end-over-end and side-over-side rotation.

Patio Furniture

Before the outdoor season begins, wipe down your chairs (minus the cushions) and tables with a mixture of warm water and a squirt of dish soap. Then hose off the solution with water from your garden hose and let air dry before enjoying. Check the cushion care tags for specific cleaning instructions, dish soap is acceptable for most materials or pick up a special patio furniture cleaner.

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