Clean Like A Pro – What Order Should You Clean House?

by maidinbastrop - October 16, 2017

As you clean house, do you randomly start cleaning then haphazardly move from one task to another? Don’t worry you’re not alone.

Creating a plan of attack when it comes to cleaning your home will make it a more efficient and manageable process.  At the end of the day, the results will be noticeably different just by implementing these tips.

 Clean the Most Difficult Room First

Start with the bathroom, even though it is one of the smaller rooms, it’s the most time-consuming to clean.  Cleaning the bathroom doesn’t just mean washing the shower and tub and squeezing some Clorox into the toilet.  Bathrooms are one of the grimier areas of the home which usually requires more elbow grease. So, while it may be smaller in comparison getting into those nooks and crannies can be tiring and time-consuming.

Cleaning the bathroom first is a good idea since it is the most labor intensive.  Starting with the most difficult task will make all the other chores seem easier.  However, if you save the bathroom for last you are more likely be tired and skip it altogether.

Up Next: Dusting and Organizing

Success! Now that the toughest room is done, keep up the momentum! You’re going to want to dust your entire house from top to bottom. Where is the dust going to land once it settles? The floor, so you wouldn’t want to vacuum or mop before you dust, you’ll just end up with a dirty floor again.

We recommend using a Microfiber cloth, an extendable duster, and a vacuum cleaner. Pick a corner of the room, moving clockwise dust items along the wall. Once you have dusted the perimeter of the room, turn your attention to the center of the room.  This will ensure that those easily forgotten areas such as ceiling fans, vents, and blinds don’t get missed.  As you dust surfaces like tabletops and dressers, take the time to straighten these areas.

Cleaning The Kitchen

If you regularly clean up spills and wipe down your counter-tops, this step should be fairly easy.

To clean your kitchen, wipe down the cabinets starting with the uppers, outside of your refrigerator, and other appliances.  Next, clean your microwave, stove top, and sink.  And that’s it for the kitchen. Easy, right?

*Pro Tip: If your stove knobs are removable, take them off to make cleaning the stove console area easier. While you’re at it, clean the knobs too!

Finally: Vacuum and Mop

Vacuum throughout the entire house including the hard-surface floors.  Vacuuming is faster than sweeping and it gives you the same end results.  We recommend using a vacuum with a hard-surface floor attachment.

Afterwards, you can mop or clean your floors as needed. We recommend a good quality steam mop, they are great on almost every surface.  In high traffic areas such as near the front door, kitchen and bathrooms, you might need to mop after each cleaning.  Other low traffic areas may not need to be cleaned every time unless there have been spills or pet accidents.

Now this plan is best used for a weekend session of cleaning house that’s meant to help you maintain your home. Don’t have 2-4 hours per week to devote to cleaning? You’re not alone. Maid In Bastrop will be happy to help with your routine upkeep or your major deep cleans