Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, What To Skip & What To Get

by maidinbastrop - May 2, 2018

Moms are often the glue that holds a family together. They tackle a wide range of tasks from bobo kissers and on-demand taxi service to grocery getter and firefighter(the figurative type of course).

Don’t let Mom be an unsung hero this Mothers Day! Here are some ideas to replace the traditional, boring Mother’s Day gifts with something more memorable and heartfelt.

  • Skip the $8 Hallmark cards and Get A Book: You can easily spend several dollars on a greeting card that gets tossed into the garbage but books, on the other hand, are lasting. Check out this Barnes & Noble’s list of Books Your Mom Will Love. A book makes a meaningful Mother’s Day gift on its own and can be combined with any of the gift ideas that follow.

  • Skip the Candy and Make a Memory Jar: Write out some of your best memories of mom or grandma on small pieces of pretty paper. Include things you’ve done together, favorite family traditions, things she’s done or said that made a difference to you, or the best advice she’s given you. Fold them and put them into a jar so that she can “munch on them” over time. Often times we focus on the negative in a relationship and will cause strain over time. A “best memory” note can open dialogue in a strained relationship, shifting thinking away from the negative and focusing on what we appreciate from our loved ones. People are often surprised at your best memories of them. You’ll be surprised at how much sharing these memories mean to the special lady.

  • Skip the Flowers and Make a Photo Bouquet: Search through those old photo albums and collect the special photos of mom or grandma, particularly the ones of the two of you together and even include some from your childhood. Use duplicates or color copies to create a collage. Get creative in creating your bouquet. Glue two copies of each photo back-to-back (so the photo is visible from both sides). Or if you like, make flower shapes using colored construction paper and glue the photos onto the centers. Slip the photos onto the plastic sticks used to hold the card in floral arrangements. Put the sticks into a flower arranging base at different heights and angles. Finish with some ribbon and a few fresh flowers.

  • Skip The Fancy Dinner Out & Replace with Some Quality Kitchen Time: The room in most homes that’s full of the most memories is the kitchen, after all, that’s where all the action happens. We relax, smell, taste, talk, and spend late nights and early mornings learning new things there. Maybe your mother or grandmother is older and not able to cook as much as she used to. Cook her a special meal she used to cook for you. Chat about old times and get advice and tips from her as you cook. The meal will bring back memories for you both while making new ones.

  • Skip Buying New Stuff Instead Share “Old Stuff”: Dig deep into drawers, closets, and the attic to find forgotten mementos – your mother’s old “glam” earrings, an old train ticket or old family photo album. Share the memories and feelings these keepsakes evoke. Where was she going? How much did she pay for it? What was going on in her life at that time?

  • Skip Breakfast in Bed And Make a Coupon Booklet: The jury is out and it is unanimous, MOMS WANT MORE SLEEP! Ok, maybe not ALL moms but most! This mother’s day skip crumbs in the bed and let mom sleep in. While she does create a Mother’s Day Coupon Booklet. Include coupons for chores such as vacuuming, doing dishes, and other tasks around the house. Be sure to include mom relaxation hours, back rubs, and blank coupons for Mom to create one you know she will personally appreciate.

BONUS! Skip all the DIY and Schedule Regular Cleanings with Maid In Bastrop(of course!): Let’s face it Mom’s plate is full and carving out time for the simplest of things can be tough sometimes. What mom really wants is time. Time for themselves, time to spend with their loved ones, time to spend where it really matters; not on cleaning. Help that special woman in your life and give her the gift of time, the memories are worth it. Schedule Monthly services today.